Woman with Cut Mask Goes to Gas Station

Cashier: So this girl is coming in with her mask on, y’all need to see this [the woman has cut a hole directly in the middle of her mask]

Person of screen: Aye, Jill, look at this ghetto ass mask

*cashier shushes them*

Cashier: Hellooo!
Woman: Hello
Cashier: How are you doing?
Woman: Pretty good, I need 10 on pump 1, please
Cashier: Alright. Where’d you get that mask from?
Woman: Well since we have to wear them, and it makes it harder to breathe. It- This makes it a lot easier to breathe.
Cashier: Cutting it?
Woman: Mhm
Cashier: Yeah, yeah. I’ll- I’ll do that too
Woman: Mkay.
Cashier: Thanks for the advice
Woman: Have a good day!
Other man off screen: Appreciate you

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/JessicaValenti/status/1256242628917694472?s=09

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