Everyone Has a Basline of Suicidal Thoughts

A black chalkboard like background has a line graph with 6 different coloured lines illustrating an example of the various ways suicidal ideation can occur.

Above the graph, written in white, reads “Everyone Has a Basline of Suicidal Thoughts”

The y-axis, that’s the verticale line, is labled “Attempt”. From bottom to top, the are catagorized as: “None”, “wish to be dead”, “thoughts with method”, “intent (no plan)”, “intent with plan”.

The x-axis, that’s the horizontal line, is labled “Time”. There is a note bellow it that reads “These are just some examples, not all experiences and all are valid!”

From bottom to top, with it’s coordinated colour, here is how the lines on the graph are illustrated.

Teal: Starts at “none”; Some have none with one/occasional thoughts
Orange: Starts at “wish to be dead”; Some wish they were dead/wouldn’t wake up but no thought to act
Green: Starts at “none”, spikes, goes back to “none” & spikes again returning back to “none”; Some have periods of none and periods of increased intensity
Blue: Starts at “thoughts (no method)”; Some have thoughts chronically but withought method; may have one or more lifetime attempts
Red: Starts at “intent (no plan)”; Some have chronic suicidality with some variability
Pink: Starts at “intent with plan”; Some have chronic active suicidality

Everyone’s needs, goals, & progress look different

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