Dream Mapping Adoption and Foster Care Abolition Artist Image Description

Insta: @ lizar_tistry

Artists Image Description: Infographic with tan, purple, light blue, and brown color scheme titled “Dream Mapping Adoption and Foster Care Abolition.”

Text lists the “Presenters: Benjamin Lunberg Torres Sanchez, Emily Ann Levy, Genevieve Saavedra, Liz Latty, Suzy Martinez Carter, Schuyler Swenson, Mariama Lockington” with a speech bubble that reads “As adopted and formerly fostered people, we call for envisioning a world of liberators kinship and community-based care, drawing from and connecting to other abolition movements.” More text reads “Adoption and Foster Care systems – commonly socially accepted as altruistic, post-racial, multicultural, even radical – and practices – displacement and commodification – structurally rely on exploiting and reinforcing existing injustices and oppressive conditions in order to stay in business.” There is a doodle from brown babies on a conveyor belt and lines from “conditions” connecting to text reading “heterosexist, patriarchy, reproductive oppression, Christian supremacy, ableism, aeto-normativitty, capitalism and neoliberalism, imperialism and colonialism, and white supremacy” and a line from “business” to text reading “across public and private industries.” An arrow points to more text reading “Characteristics: systematic surveillance and punishment of primarily Black, Brown, and Indigenous and poor families; commodification of children under capitalist market in service of racist, Eugene isn’t, and neoliberal family-building activities; U.S. imperialism creates conditions for primarily POC children to become available for adoption by primarily white families; settler colonial nation-state of U.S.’s destruction of Native families and sovereignty via child removal; U.S. Child Protective Services act as an arm of the carceral state – funneling BIPOC children into CPS->Prison->CPS Pipeline cycle, with greater risk to migrant and disabled people and families.”

A purple cloud with sparkles and a moon reads “A collective dream” with smaller clouds reading “ways to keep families together,” “self-determination for adopted and formerly/currently fostered people,” and “liberators forms of kinship.” More text reads “Critical Resistance’s definition of the prison industrial complex (PIC) guides our understanding of: The Adoption and Foster Care Industrial Complex as overlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance policing, coercion, social stigma, and family separation as solutions to economic, social, and political problems. And Critical Resistance’s definition of abolition as a vision and strategy with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance, and creating lasting alternatives. A doodle of roots connects to text reading “deeply rooted history” with lines to more text reading “Mumia Abu Jamal,” “Ruth Wilson Gilmore,” “Assata Shakur,” “Mariame Kaba,” and “Angela Davis.” A doodle of a brown power fist is next to blue text on purple background reading “Why here? Why now? Why us?” Below is text that reads “Solidarity as Practice,” “Collective Liberation and healing” with a doodle of an elephant herd and smaller text reading “collective, community-based forms of care and kinship,” and “Coalition Building” with smaller text reading “practicing radical love and kinship” with a doodle of a flower. Another speech bubble reads “It’s our responsibility as adopted and fostered people to work in solidarity with Black liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, Free Palestine, Abolice I.C.E., Free Them All, Moms4Housing, and many more.”

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