A New Era 😅

I really appreciate those of y’all that have been able to stick through,
although I absolutely understand that there are folk who haven’t been able to or just chose not to any longer.

Between  Ko-fi & Patreon, and other occasional methods of collection, there  has been a total of $4,213.96 donated to the Accessibility Fund since  May 2020 which has aided in offering manual captionists for low budget  events, sensory aids, mobility aids, masks, and support and survival  funds.

(To note, I know in December I updated to say that I would  be transitioning to pocket the funds from my Patreon as I transition  all Accessibility Funds things to Ko-fi, but none of that ever happened)

Originally  when I made this Patreon I had no clue what-so-ever what I wanted to do  with it, and didn’t have a solid conceptualization of how to contribute  the funds outside of accessibility (broad definition), which in part  included planning for an event I have had to accept I most likely am not  going to be able to organize. I most certainly hadn’t accounted for or  expected how the rest of that year & the time following would break  me down.

But, I’m back!
I got some ideas,
And my lens has shifted a lot since I last posted.

Because of some relationships that I am grateful for, I have also found myself  more able to write & I’m curious to share that here (as well as my  blog) in hopes of fundraising for my communities as well as sharing my  exploration.

Still imagining what that will look like in  entirety, but at least this is a visible call of change. To start, it  might look like poetry, notes on things that I’ve been studying, and  reflections. Who knows where that may go 🤷🏾.

Ooo, also, public  apology for msgs that I have missed. I will be getting to those at my  soonest availability. Been slowly catching up on things I fell behind on within the past year.

Anything y’all have been exploring lately?
I’ve been having a great time learning about BaKongo Cosmology, & digging into Factor Analysis ✨

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