Stimmy. Stimmy. Stimmy.

This will be a living document. Stimming is anything that is repetitive & regulating. It's short for "self-stimulation", and is something that everyone does in many different ways. Everyone Stims - Neurodiverdent Rebel Repetitive can be anything that happens in a kind of pattern or reoccurrence.Regulating can be emotional or cognitive. Of the many kind … Continue reading Stimmy. Stimmy. Stimmy.

The Necessity of Autistic Play

A yellow cube thar is faced on a side that has a smiley face. under it sais "ja".

(Still in the process of edits. Updates will be made soon.) Recently I began to reread one of my favorite books, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. In the image above, Christopher Vaughan attempts to define what play is. Acknowledging that it is an experience that cannot be … Continue reading The Necessity of Autistic Play

Presentation Party: The Info Dump Edition

Meme: A sparkled eyed girl gleams while holding a valuable gem. The girl being "me", and the valuable treasure being "Your Special Interest"

What gets your blood pumping, your heart to flutter, your mind to light up with excitement? That! That thing, whither its a special interest or a current hyper focus of yours, that's what we want to share during this party. Where else can you go for that kind of fun??This blog post will be a … Continue reading Presentation Party: The Info Dump Edition

Katie Porter Gets Free Covonavirus Testing for Americans [Transcript & Subtitled Video]

Katie Porter:Dr. Kadlec, for someone without insurance, do you know the out of pocket costs of a complete blood count test? Dr. Kadlec:No ma'am, not, not immediately. Katie Porter:Do you have a ballpark? Dr. Kadlec:Out of…with a copay, ma’am? Katie Porter:No, the out of pocket… just the typical cost. Dr. Kadlec:I do not, ma’am. Katie … Continue reading Katie Porter Gets Free Covonavirus Testing for Americans [Transcript & Subtitled Video]

Alt Text Log

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This is my attempt at trying to make my Twitter that much more accessible.These posts are unlisted (to spare my WP feed from these random posts), but you can find them here. Thank you to WordPress for helping to make this possible! reading Alt Text Log

Dancing is Existing — Autism HWB

A infinity symbol tattooed on a wrist. The symbol is often used to represent neurodiversity.

My first interview on stimming 😊 It was such a treat to be able to chat with Florence. Once I found out I was autistic my body started integrating more of these moves and so I started to realise that when I’m me, being my open self, it’s normal behaviour and this is a way … Continue reading Dancing is Existing — Autism HWB