Just a reminder that asking for help is a contribution

image description: a nebula image full of purples, greens, and pinks along with the dark sparkliness of space //end of descriptionAsking for help is a wonderful way to build community & engage in meaningful collaboration.In asking for help you also uplift others who want to show up for you.You are doing others a service when … Continue reading Just a reminder that asking for help is a contribution

My First Play Presentation! This video is half of my 2 hour presentation on Play, Stimming, and Sensory Processing in relation to autistics and divergent human experiences. It was an absolute treat to be able to present, and on topics that I value so much! Also, would like to add that this was a part of my attempt … Continue reading My First Play Presentation!

Stimmy. Stimmy. Stimmy.

This will be a living document. Stimming is anything that is repetitive & regulating. It's short for "self-stimulation", and is something that everyone does in many different ways. Everyone Stims - Neurodiverdent Rebel Repetitive can be anything that happens in a kind of pattern or reoccurrence.Regulating can be emotional or cognitive. Of the many kind … Continue reading Stimmy. Stimmy. Stimmy.