Additional ways to support!

I appreciate each & every subscription. I see them as a collaborative action to the community work that I love to do. But supporting me doesn’t just stop there, and there are still ways to contribute if you don’t have the funds to do so monetarily.

Other ways to support! 💖

• Add captions to your videos

(5 speech recognition apps that auto-caption videos,
#NoMoreCraptions: How To Properly Caption Your Videos,
How to add captions to your social media videos || Accessible Content NOW.. [ASL])

• Provide alt text & image descriptions for any visuals

(Alt Text Archives | Veronica with Four Eyes,
Alt Text As Poetry)

• Participate in making video calls more accessible by adding captions & describing yourself for the audience. If it’s a presentation, be sure to describe what’s on the slide as well.

• Listen to marginalized folk, especially if they’re outside of your group of experiences

• Donate directly to those who need it. I personally push for donations to the Autistic People of Color Fund.

(Autism and Race | Autistic People of Color Fund)

• Instead of allowing yourself to partake in the knee-jerk reaction of being made aware of your privileges or ingrained bigotry, listen & do the work to unpack that.

• Support Deaf sign language instructors!

• Learn Sign Language!
(Some free Deaf lead resources: Lifeprint, Handspeak, TRUE+WAY ASL, Free Gallaudet ASL Class, YouTube: Lifeprint, Lifeprint – ASL Dictionary, ASL That, Smart Sign Dictionary, Signed With Heart, Discord: ASL Practice Partners)

• Be kind to yourself

• Ask for help when you need it

• Google when possible

• Support autistic lead organizations instead of Autism Speaks

• Learn about disability justice: 10 Principles of Disability Justice

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