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ID: A colourful interpretation of the Akin Sankofa bird placing an egg, decorated with a Dogon ancestral drawing of “the orgin of the spiral of creation”, on it’s back. The background is cold soft star filled design.

TLDR; Sankofa Shares is a tier specifically for Black/African folk, sharing things in relation to reflections & explorations around ancestors, reIndigenizing, and more.

Y’all can prolly tell that I have a thing Nebula/Galaxy/Universe things, and one of the things that I have been so excited about in learning is that our Ancestors held reference for them as well 🥰 As I have been piecing together what kind of things I would like to transition into on this platform, I realized just how much I been wanting to share specific kinds of reflections in relation to ancestors, reIndigenizing, and more. The only thing holding me back is the understanding that not everything is for everyone 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Sankofa; a word/concept from the Akan peoples.

San, return. Ko, go. Fa, look & see.

Some common translations are “Reach back to move forward,” and “Learn from the past.” I’ve really appreciated accompanying Akin proverb of,

It is not taboo to go back & fetch what you forgot or is at risk of being left behind.

For me it has been an affirmation that what we build towards can/should be built through inspiration, and that there is a beautiful collaboration made stronger through learning what has come before us. It’s transformation. It’s also a reminder that anything worth while should include digging towards roots, investigating foundations, and prioritizing those who have most been intentionally discarded of, tucked away, victimized, & oppressed. It’s standing in truths. It’s active, and it requires connection.

Anyway anyway ✨, I am sincerely excited to be adding this tier!!! Cuz I do best whenever I am able to have a focal point, and then have overflow based off of that. If you are Black/African, I invite you to select this tier! Would love to engage in shared input 💓. You can give however much works best for you. The tier is set at $1, but if you’d like to give more you can edit the donation amount 🥰.

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