Keep it poppin!

This is a long time coming, but I think that my mind is settling (FINALLY) on what Hyperpigmentation Honey🍯 is about and can offer. Initially, I was a bit (very) bold to assume that people with no relation to me would hop into an empty post facebook group and begin posting selfies of themselves. (Let the viral stats roll in!).

Honestly, my strategy to actualization was more of a result of the shocking lack of internet content in relation to hyperpigmentation being celebrated. How do you create a culture within a culture that wishes to overlook it?

Sooooo, Hyperpigmentation Honey🍯 is taking its roots as a self-love advocacy space that just so happens to also share tips to help those (women, preferably of colour) with hyperpigmentation. (Lure them in with the tips, then trap them with the self-love!) The main difference between HypoHoney.1 and HypoHoney.2 being that I intended to completely avoid any content focused on healing hyperpigmentation. But what it seems is that THAT is what has been sparking the interest to the group. So why not give it to them? But ALSO with the unfamiliar tone of “love yourself through the process”

Que the research!

Note: This group has been innactive almost right after I started it. I’d like to get it more active, because the groups still gets requests, but I’m not a skin care expert & thats mostly what people are looking for within the group. If you’re a Black woman who has skin expertise & is excited about co-moding this group, feel free to leave a comment!