Getting Started with Captioning/Transcribing? (post recording)

Zoomed in on a bright blue laptops white keyboard.

Featured image: Zoomed in on a bright blue laptops white keyboard. Hello there! I started this off as a response to friends asking me about how to get started captioning/transcribing, which always features an ask about best programs to use. Hoping that having this will help my response time to be more swift. I am … Continue reading Getting Started with Captioning/Transcribing? (post recording)

Autism & Race: Journals, Articles & Posts

I Am a Proud, Black, Nonspeaking Young Man With Autism. My Life Matters. - Justice Killebrew ‘Autistic while black’: How autism amplifies stereotypes - Catina Burkett What Does a Black Autistic Man Look Like? - N.I. Nicholson The Autism Shift: The Visibly Invisible – Autistic People Of Color - Angela Weddle The Persistent Invisibility of … Continue reading Autism & Race: Journals, Articles & Posts

Autism & Race: Blogs, Vlogs, & Podcasts

Life on the Spectrum with Ash Brown - Taylor Camille"In episode 4 we talk to Ash Brown (@TheMacabreChap) about the stigma of autism and how it is and isn’t accepted in Afro-Carribean, African and African American communities and yet how the two are inextricably linked" In My Own Words - Akha Khumalo Autism, ADHD, and … Continue reading Autism & Race: Blogs, Vlogs, & Podcasts

Autism & Race: Organizations

some of these organizations are specifically for autistic BIPoC, some are also for their families & community members, some are orgs led by autistic BIPoC, ect Autistic People of Colour FundYou can donate to the Fund for Community Reparations for Autistic People of Color’s Interdependence, Survival, and Empowerment. The Fund practices redistributive justice and mutual aid … Continue reading Autism & Race: Organizations

Autism & Race: Resources

(work in progress) All the Weight of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized AutismThis anthology includes stories of segregation in education; police brutality; families of birth, adoption, and choosing; ableism connected to racism; finding community, making home, survival, and resilience. They are stories of being autistic in a neurotypical world and stories of being racialized in … Continue reading Autism & Race: Resources

Jim Thomas Presents the Secret Messages Found in U.S. Slave Songs (captioned/transcript)

Jim Thomas, of Stafford, VA, has spent much of his life researching the codes and secret messages that are reflected in the earliest known U.S. Slave Songs (also known as Spirituals.) Mr. Thomas, an alumni of Fisk University, and former member of the Fisk University Singers presented a program on the grounds of Chatham Manor on Nov 2, 2014, as a part of the County's 350th Anniversary Celebration.