Aren’t we all “people of colour”?

An imagine of a bears face painted onto a wall. The bear has galaxy/star eyes, and instead of fur the bear is made up of alternating coloured triangles.

In response to a question asked by a Twitter follower An idea of "whiteness"Although whiteness is a social construct, it is something that has been used to marginalize people groups. In history the idea of whiteness has changed and is still changing. There have been some groups that were seen as PoC but were grandfathered … Continue reading Aren’t we all “people of colour”?

Gaslighting: What It Is and What It Does To You

Suddenly, I'm beginning to not trust my memory at all.Paula, Gaslight (1944) What is Gaslighting?The award-winning 1940s film, Gaslight, is a story about a woman who is continually manipulated by her husband to where she begins to question her sanity. Gaslight portrayed this form of psychological manipulation so well that its title would become embedded … Continue reading Gaslighting: What It Is and What It Does To You

Suppression through Literacy

Tests similar to this one were used to suppress the Black vote. Do you think you would you pass? The purpose of these tests was to provide vaguely worded questions so that correct answers would be dependant on who turned in the test. Mind you, that if you had a family member who passed the … Continue reading Suppression through Literacy