Autism & Race: Organizations

some of these organizations are specifically for autistic BIPoC, some are also for their families & community members, some are orgs led by autistic BIPoC, ect

Autistic People of Colour Fund
You can donate to the Fund for Community Reparations for Autistic People of Color’s Interdependence, Survival, and Empowerment. The Fund practices redistributive justice and mutual aid by returning and sharing money directly to and with autistic people of color. We provide microgrants to Black, Brown, Native, Asian, and mixed-race people in the autistic community for survival, organizing, leisure, and pleasure. We are committed to the principles of Disability Justice, including leadership by those most impacted, intersectionality, anti-capitalist politic, cross-movement solidarity, interdependence, collective access, and collective liberation. Our work is grounded in commitment to ending extractive economies and building and sustaining generative economies.

Multicultural Autism Action Network
Objectives: To provide opportunities for growth and development, improved self-confidence, and greater independence for individuals with autism and related conditions. To provide hands-on training for parents and caregivers of autistic individuals in order to promote confidence and reduce stress. To conduct workshops, seminars, and information sessions for professionals, including law enforcement and medical professionals, regarding cultural understanding. To prepare autism information in culturally relevant formats for parents and caregivers serving multicultural communities. To help make places in the community autism-friendly and accessible.

ASD Next
#ASDNext was conceived to help fill the growing need for resources and support to help teens and young adults with autism transition to “adult” life after school. Research has shown that this transition period is extremely difficult for individuals with autism, often resulting in social isolation and high rates of under- or unemployment. Services and supports that were available through school-age years are no longer available and adult service systems often are not well-educated or equipped to support individuals with autism. This is where #ASDNext hopes to help fill some of that gap!

Autism in Black (parent led)
Autism in Black aims to provide support to black parents who have a child on the spectrum, through educational and advocacy services. Autism in Black is dedicated to bringing awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder and reducing the stigma associated with ASD in the black community.

Zekwande Foundation
The Zekwande Foundation was started by an Autistic Advocate, Zekwande Mathenjwa in 2021. The Foundation champions projects for nonspeaking Autistics.

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