Autism & Race: Journals, Articles & Posts

I Am a Proud, Black, Nonspeaking Young Man With Autism. My Life Matters. – Justice Killebrew

‘Autistic while black’: How autism amplifies stereotypes – Catina Burkett

What Does a Black Autistic Man Look Like? – N.I. Nicholson

The Autism Shift: The Visibly Invisible – Autistic People Of Color – Angela Weddle

The Persistent Invisibility of Black Autism (white, non-aut)

How Race and Ethnicity Affect Diagnosis, Treatment and Support for Autistic Children and Adults (white, non-aut)

Meet the People Being Left Out of Mainstream Conversations About Autism

Neurodiversity And Intersectionality: Whitney Iles Shares On Exclusion In Autism Recruitment (says it is co-authored with Whitney Iles but only Nancy Doyle is credited in the byline and it reads as predominantly from her perspective)

Black People With Asperger’s Syndrome: One Reason Why I Make Music

Raising BIPOC children with autism: Parents struggle to find support

Dr. Yulanda Harris was diagnosed with autism at 58 years old.

Edmonton researcher looks into autism spectrum disorder through a First Nations lens

Black children often diagnosed with autism later than others

Minority Communities Have Lower and Later Autism Diagnoses

My Autism Allows Me to See the World in a Different Way Naoki Higashida

Why Autism Seems To Cluster In Some Immigrant Groups – Scientific American

Blackness x Autistic – Keillan Cruickshank (@iwritecollstuff)

Cultural Bias And Disability: We Have To Do Better With Children Of Color – Dr. Lamar Hardwick @autismpastor

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