So, I Did My First Autism Presentation!

And I instantly regretted not recording it. But here’s the third best thing!

(Second would be whenever I get around to doing a talk over video of me presenting it.)

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I LOVE feedback and it helps me to know where I need to put in more work. 💖

This was put together for a psychology class, with this format

  • Define the disorder
  • What are the symptoms/characteristics of the disorder?
  • Interesting facts (history of disorder, age of onset, demographics of gender/race)
  • Examples of case studies/celebrities
  • What are the causes/treatments?
  • Include images and video (videos must be less than 3 minutes)

Autism was a topic that we could pick, so I swooped in as fast as possible to write my name by it. Other classmates, who did topics of conditions or disorders that were not theirs, presented their topic from an angle that I could only describe as “pity” and “disbelief”. This is why it’s so important that disabled people speak up and present on the things that we experience.

Other Sources
Autistic Burnout: “My Physical Body and Mind Started Shutting Down” – Seattle Childrens

And for anyone who wanted to get a better view of the Autistic Burnout Guide from AWN, here it is.

Autistic Burnout AWN

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