Neurotribes: Beyond The Geek; Out of Tech & In Black Culture?

Their medieval predecessors might have spent their days copying manuscripts, keeping musical instruments in tune, weaving, or trying to trans-
mute base metals into gold. Their equivalents in the mid-twentieth century aimed telescopes at the stars, built radios from mail-order kits, or blew up
beakers in the garage. In the past forty years, some members of this tribe have migrated from the margins of society to the mainstream and currently work at companies with names like Facebook, Apple, and Google. Along the way, they have refashioned pop culture in their own image; now it’s cool to be obsessed with dinosaurs, periodic tables, and Doctor Who at any age. The kids formerly ridiculed as nerds and brainiacs have grown up to become the architects of our future.

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NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity – Steve Silberman
Introduction: Beyond the Geek Syndrome; pg 3

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