Straightened For Braids

You need to make sure your ends is stretched out like this. After you blow out your hair, with a blowout you need to go over your ends with a flat iron. If you come and your hair is natural like this [naturally poofy hair] and the ends is not like this [a patch of hair that has been straightened] then guess what? We would have to reschedule, or if you really need your hair done, we will do it but there will be an inconvenience fee.

Please take note of your hair does not arrive to me like this [straightened] You come to me like this [straighten] then we will either have to reschedule or you will have to get your hair properly done, but there will be a $15 inconvenience fee on top of the $25 blowout and press steam. Okay, it’s $25 if your natural. If I have to blow it out and pull it out it’s $25 if you’re not natural in.

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This- the end portion needs to be pre-stretched. And a lot of people, “Oh, well, what about protective styles?” Listen, (Okayyy) this is not going to damage your hair sweetheart. We have- Our hair to sustain anything. Okay, we have very great strong hair. This is because when you get your braids and you see that fuzzy look, it’s because that client is natural (Hmmm) and when they started to braid the clients hair. This hair started to pop out the- the- the braids. When your hair is pre-stretched out like this, and we’re brading it, it…

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