Come As You Are; Context of Woman

a couple of caveats

First, most of the time when I say “women” in this book, I mean people who were born in female bodies, were raised as girls, and now have the social role and psychological identity of “woman.” There are plenty of women who don’t fit one or more of those characteristics, but there’s too little research on trans* and genderqueer sexual functioning for me to say with certainty whether what’s true about cisgender women’s sexual wellbeing is also true for trans* folks. I think it probably is, and as more research emerges over the coming decade we’ll find out, but in the meantime I want to acknowledge that this is basically a book about cisgender women.

Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life – Emily Nagoski
Introduction: Yes, You’re Normal — A Couple of Caveats; pg 19

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