My First Play Presentation!

This video is half of my 2 hour presentation on Play, Stimming, and Sensory Processing in relation to autistics and divergent human experiences. It was an absolute treat to be able to present, and on topics that I value so much! Also, would like to add that this was a part of my attempt to summarize as best as I could. Super excited for the possibility to further unpack this in the future. I’ve been grateful for conversations that I have been able to have in response to this presentation. Yay for happy things!

Thank you to STAR Institute for this wonderful opportunity!

Youtube description: “This workshop will explore stimming and play related to movement, processing and self-expression. Riah will discuss and explore types of play, how stimming relates to play, playfulness and joy. We will also look at the range of stimming from fun to harmful and the impact of stress. The workshop will include personal reflective exercises and close with real life take-aways.”

Open to comments, questions, & feedback!

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One thought on “My First Play Presentation!

  1. Absolutely love your content, this was emotional for me as someone who was told I had ADD my entire adolescent life and the pills were “working” because it helped me appear more “normal”. My wife actually helped me find out I have autism about 2 years ago (I’m in my early 30’s) and it’s been so healing being comfortable with how my mind works, instead of the never ending nagging feelings I had of not being the same as everyone else. Look forward to seeing/reading more of your content in the future!

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