Everythings Gonna Be Okay; Stimming Love

Scene: we are in a spacious kitchen/dining room space. Drea is a tall 17 year old autistic girl. She has dark brunette hair, and is wearing a purple donut stim necklace, and a plaid shirt over a gray shirt that is tucked into gray pants. Her girlfriend, Matilda is also in the room eating a snack at the dinning table. Matilda is a 17 year old autistic girl. She has blonde hair and blue glasses, and is wearing a green spaghetti strapped dress over a white shirt. Duke, who will show up later, is an adorable red haired Golden Retriever.

Drea comes into the room flapping her arms and pacing in what seems to be distress.

Matilda sees her and asks “Oh, no. Is something wrong?”

Almost gaspingly and still flapping, Drea responds with “I want to say something.. and thinking about saying it is a lot.”

Matilda calmly asks, “Can you do that and also say what you’re thinking?”

Drea takes a bite out of the stim donut necklace that she has around her neck before saying, “I love you.”

Matilda pauses as a half smile comes across her face, then inquires “You said you love me?

Drea promptly responds with an enthusiastic “Yes. I said it”.

Matilda sits up for her response and sais, “I love you”

Drea pauses with a subtle exhale, smiles while saying “Oh my God.”, then begins to sit in a rocking position on the ground.

She rocks a few times then calls Duke over while gesturing the dog near her, “Duke, do pressue.”

She pats herself above her chest twice with both hands to signal to Duke what she needs, as Duke approaches her.

Matilda, still sitting, asks “Do you want me to stay with you while you stim, or can I go practice?”

Drea, now comfortably laying on the ground under Duke, reassuringly responds “No, you can go. I’ll be done soon.”

Matilda leaves, and Drea continues to pet Duke for comfort.

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