Presentation Party: The Info Dump Edition

Meme: A sparkled eyed girl gleams while holding a valuable gem. The girl being "me", and the valuable treasure being "Your Special Interest"

What gets your blood pumping, your heart to flutter, your mind to light up with excitement? That! That thing, whither its a special interest or a current hyper focus of yours, that’s what we want to share during this party. Where else can you go for that kind of fun??

This blog post will be a living document. Things will change and be added to it as pieces are put together.

If you are someone who is interested in presenting, DM me your email & topic; I will be in touch.
If you are someone who is looking forward to just “attending” and view, this is the info hub!

Presentation Info:

Thank yoi to everyone to helped to make this first go happen! We had 3 Great Presenters!! And each presentation is available for view in the facebook group. Right now is a really rough time for a lot of people, so please show yourself some love. I REALLY enjoyed this whole process & am taking some time to structure this concept a bit better so that we can really enjoy sharing the joy of our special interests with others, while we aren’t in a stressed state of existance. Much love 💖

Event Dates:
May 16th & May 17
May 23rd & May 24th

Additional Event Info:

This will be presented through Zoom.
The Facebook Group “Info Dumplings” will have a live stream for those who want to view:

If you do not have a webcam that is okay, whether you are a presenter are a viewer.

• This event will have automatic live captions via 3Play Media Services.
• Presenters have been told to describe images in their presentation.

Other Special Interest Topics:
(in no specific order, updated as I get them)

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