Ramble Karen in NYs Central Park

[Video of an interaction in NY’s Central park. There are large green trees in the background, and you can hear wildlife such as birds in the background. Amy is a white woman with a cute blond haired dog that’s off leash, even though the woman has it’s leash in her hand. Christian, who is a Black man, (who had been in the area to bird watch) is off camera & recording after he had asked the woman to put her dog back on it’s leash. Unfortunately, during this recording the woman is also holding the dogs collar tightly, sometimes even lifting them up by their collar, and it struggle to breathe throughout this interaction.]

Amy: Can you please stop? [Walks towards the camera with her dog held by its collar] Sir I’m asking you to stop.

Christian: Please don’t come close to me.

Amy: Sir, I’m asking you to stop recording me.

Christian: Please don’t come close to me.

Amy: Please take your phone off. [Points into the camera with the hand she has the leash in]

Christian: Please don’t come close to me.

Amy: Then I’m taking pictures and calling the cops. [Backs up & lifts the dog up to her waist by it’s collar]

Christian: Please- Please call the cops.

[Dog barks]

Christian: Please call the cops.

Amy: [Dialing on the phone] I’m going to tell them that there’s an African American man threatening my life.

Christian: Please, tell them whatever you like.

Amy: [Moves to the side] Excuse me. [Finishes dialing then pulls down her mask]

[The dog is still struggling in the background. Wriggling & shaking it’s head trying to get away from her hold on the collar.]

(Her on the phone): I’m sorry, I’m in Ramble, and there is a man, African American, he has a bicycle helmet. He is recording me, and threatening me & my dog.

[Dog snorts]

There is an African American man — I am in central park — he is recording me, threatening myself & my dog.

[Dog tries to push away from her with it’s paws hitting against her abdomen & cries out as it struggles to breathe. She gets them situated and crouches down so that the dog can lay on the ground & stop having to fight to breathe. The dog snorts repetitively as if it’s breathing was irritated]

And my- I’m sorry I can’t hear you either. [Begins to shout, increasingly more hysterical] I am being threatened by a man in Ramble. Please send the cops immediately. [Gasps for her life] I’m in Central Park, near Ramble. I don’t know!

Christian: Thank You!

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